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South American Coffee Taster Kit

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The perfect introduction to H. R. Higgins range of South American coffees and the ideal gift for any coffee lover. The South American Coffee Taster Kit includes three 125g coffees in a stylish cloth bag.

The South American Coffee Taster Kit is the perfect introduction to H. R. Higgins range of South American coffees. This kit includes three fabulous coffees, hand selected by Tony and David Higgins.

Brazil Yellow Bourbon

The Yellow Bourbon bean variety probably takes its name from a single coffee tree presented by the Dutch to King Louis XIV of France in 1713. Seedlings were later transported to the French Island of Bourbon, now called Reunion.

This is a Yellow Bourbon coffee grown on the Daterra Farm which consists of 216 micro farms each with individual characteristics. They are leaders in sustainable production and innovation in the coffee industry, and were the first farm in Brazil to become Rainforest Alliance certified.

We roast this Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffee medium to bring out its subtle medium body with a sweet caramel and chocolate richness.

Colombia Supreme

A wonderfully typical Colombian coffee with a lively quality and smooth, delicious flavours.

Colombia can harvest coffee several times a season due to the variation in climate from the north to the south of its three mountain cordilleras.

Supremo grade Colombian coffees have larger size beans and we roast this coffee slowly to reveal pear and apricot fruit, gentle acidity and milk chocolate aftertaste.

Peru Inambari FTO

A rich and delicious Peruvian coffee grown and supplied through a direct relationship with the farmer.

This Fairtrade Organic Peruvian coffee is grown by farmers from the Agraria Frontera San Ignacio Cooperative.

The farm lies in the Caijamarca region in the district of Coipa. Most of the coffee cherries were picked in August when they were at their optimum level of maturation and sweetness. The farms are found within a group of protected areas where many wild animals such as spectacled bears and jaguars roam.

The cherries are processed at the farms using a traditional method of fermentation tanks made from fallen Romerillo trees. Typically the cherries are picked in the morning and processed (depulped and washed) the same day, usually in the late afternoon. This is to avoid any deterioration of the quality of the coffee beans. The wet parchment is dried on raised beds until the right moisture is achieved.

As a dark roast, it becomes very smooth and mellow without any bitterness.


The South American Coffee taster kit comprises a 125g bag of each coffee presented in a stylish cloth pouch. The pouch is hand printed in gold. You will also find included three tasting cards and an H. R. Higgins brew card to inspire you.


Mr Higgins Favourite Coffee

I am often asked “Mr Higgins, which is your favourite coffee?”

That question takes me all the way back to when I first Joined the company. Then I was the most junior member of staff. Though I had worked in the business before leaving school and for as long as I could remember, I was the new boy, a trainee.


Fathers Day

My father and I have worked together since as long as I can remember. Although truthfully, the early days were hardly to be described as work at all. 


As we celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee

As we join with Her Majesty in celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, I am sure that we will be reminded of the seismic changes that have impacted on our lives during the period of her reign.
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