How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Beans

It's essential to understand your personal preferences. Different coffee beans possess unique characteristics, flavours, and aromas. Some prefer a bold, full-bodied taste, while others may enjoy a lighter and fruitier profile. 

Consider the following factors:

Flavour Profile: Determine your preferred taste—whether it's nutty, chocolaty, citrusy, floral, or any other flavour notes that appeal to you.

Roast Level: Coffee beans are available in various roast levels, ranging from light to dark. Each level of roast gives distinct flavours and intensities. 

Brewing Method: Different brewing methods (such as espresso, French press, pour-over, or cold brew) highlight various characteristics of coffee. Think about how you usually brew your coffee and which flavours you enjoy most in that particular method

Here at H.R. Higgins, we want to help to make “how to choose coffee beans” as easy as possible. We have 4 ways for you to explore. 

£5 Taster Kit

We have created the perfect way for you to experience our best-selling coffees without the expense. For just £5, you get the opportunity to try 3 of our best-selling coffees suited to your home brewing method. Not only that but we are also offering FREE delivery* and a FREE £5 voucher to spend in our online store. Get your kit today.

The Coffee Selector Tool

To simplify your coffee bean selection process, our Coffee Selector Tool is designed with coffee lovers like you in mind. Answering these questions helps the tool narrow down the suitable options for you. Try now to see what we suggest for you.

Duke Street Shop 

Whether you have a specific preference in mind or are open to exploring new options, our team is here to assist you with their expertise. We take pride in delivering a personalized experience, tailored to your unique taste, ensuring that we can help you discover your ideal coffee blend. For us, it is your taste that really matters. We pride ourselves on offering a truly bespoke and individual service to our customers, by which we can find the coffee that is perfect for you.

Customer Service

We understand in today’s somewhat bustling and busy world, that the days of good old-fashioned personable service are sadly somewhat lost. That’s why at HR Higgins, speaking with us is easy, no pressing numerous options to get through, no long queues and no automated voices. This service is not only for placing orders, or order queries but also to help you with any recommendations. You can contact us on 01947 466 640.

Embrace the world of coffee with curiosity and an open mind. Experiment with different flavours, origins, and brewing methods to find your perfect cup of coffee, and remember it is all personal preference. 


Our philosophy on choosing our coffee range

My grandfather had a vision. Back in the 1930s when he was working as a manager at the Kenya Coffee Company coffee was not seen as a speciality at all. He wanted to start his own business and in his diary he wrote:


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