Peru Inambari FTO Very Dark Roast

A rich and delicious Peruvian coffee grown and supplied through a direct relationship with the farmer.


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Product Description

Coffee: Peruvian Coffee

Region: Caijamarca

Altitude: 1350-1890 metres

Farm: Inambari

Process: Washed


This Fairtrade Organic Peruvian coffee is grown by farmers from the Agraria Frontera San Ignacio Cooperative.

The farm lies in the Caijamarca region in the district of Coipa. Most of the coffee cherries were picked in August when they were at their optimum level of maturation and sweetness. The farms are found within a group of protected areas where many wild animals such as spectacled bears and jaguars roam.

The cherries are processed at the farms using a traditional method of fermentation tanks made from fallen Romerillo trees. Typically the cherries are picked in the morning and processed (depulped and washed) the same day, usually in the late afternoon. This is to avoid any deterioration of the quality of the coffee beans. The wet parchment is dried on raised beds until the right moisture is achieved.

As a very dark roast, it becomes very smooth and mellow without any bitterness.

We recommend brewing this Peruvian coffee as a filter or pourover. Use 20g of finely ground coffee per 250ml of water.


H.R. Higgins sources all of its coffee through long-established relationships with individual coffee farms, cooperatives and trusted coffee partners. In most cases, we have direct relationships with farmers which span decades.

Sustainability is a hugely important factor to us as a business and now, more generally in the wider coffee industry. The most important part of the entire coffee process is that the coffee farmers, their families and their communities all benefit from our relationships. Specifically, we work with farms that care for the local environment, and support both their workers and their families. This is the first and most crucial step in the process of producing exceptional coffee.

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