Rhinowares Coffee Hand Grinder

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A high quality hand grinder, perfect for travel.

The Rhinowares hand coffee grinder is a compact, top quality grinder. With a smooth ergonomic grinding motion and superior particle size distribution this handy grinder won’t disappoint. 

Freshly ground beans are a key factor in a great cup of coffee. Coffee beans will release their aroma as soon as they are ground. Although you can keep ground coffee in an airtight jar, it simply isn’t ever as fresh as grinding it just before you make it. The best thing you can do to improve your brew is to grind your own beans.

It comes with conical ceramic burrs that will not rust and are easy to clean. In addition it is easy to adjust on a wide range of grind types, and has a capacity of 40-50g. Plus, this hand coffee grinder comes with a convenient carry bag for when you are travelling.


Coffee Matters

“Without my morning coffee, I’m just like a dried-up piece of goat”

Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750


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Roasting with my father

“You can manage on your own now. But, if you are doing a very dark roast, come and get me before it cracks.” said my father after he had been teaching me about roasting coffee for several weeks.
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