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An Ode to National Tea Day

Oh tea, you humble brew

Oh tea, you humble brew,

How you inspire mindfulness anew.

With each sip and each steep,

You help us find balance and keep.


From green to black, oolong to white,

Your flavours and aromas are pure delight.

With every cup, you bring us calm,

An ancient ritual that heals and soothes the qualm.


With roots in China, you spread your fame,

To India, Japan, and beyond you came.

Tea ceremonies were born,

A graceful art form that we still adorn.


In today's hectic world,

We often forget to unfurl.

To take a moment and breathe,

To find peace and inner relief.


But tea, you remind us,

That mindfulness is a must.

As we wait for you to steep,

We pause, we breathe, and we take a seat.


With every sip, we savour,

The subtle flavours that you flavour.

We close our eyes and we let go,

Of stress and worries that weigh us low.


And with every cup we drink,

We feel our moods begin to lift.

From green tea that boosts our brain,

To chamomile that eases our pain.

You're not just a drink, tea,

You're a healer, a friend, a key.

To unlocking a healthier life,

One that's filled with calm and no strife.


You boost our metabolism,

And help us lose some excess gum.

You fight off cancer and disease,

And keep our hearts and minds at ease.


You help us detox and rejuvenate,

And keep our skin looking great.

You boost our immunity,

And help us age gracefully.


From matcha to chai,

We love to give you a try.

And as we prepare you with care,

We feel our stresses begin to bare.


We pour hot water over your leaves,

And watch as the steam interweaves.

We let you steep for a while,

And let your flavours and aromas beguile.


We savour your taste and your scent,

And feel our minds become content.

As we sip you slowly and mindfully,

We let your healing powers set us free.


Oh tea, you're a true gift,

A natural remedy that gives us a lift.

With every cup, we feel renewed,

And ready to face whatever comes anew.


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