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20g - 55g depending on the size of your pot


250ml per cup




Cafetière or medium-coarse

Step 1

To start, heat your water. If you don’t have a temperature control kettle, bring your kettle to the boil and wait for one minute until it has cooled to 95°C


Step 2

Remove the plunger and pre-heat the pot with some hot water, then discard.


Step 3

Next, we move onto the coffee. For cafetière, use a coarse or cafetière grind. This coarser grind will allow for a better infusion. For the best results, we advise grinding coffee just before you brew it. The fresher the grind, the better the taste.


Step 4

Weigh your coffee, we recommend 20g for a small or 3 cup pot, 28g for a medium or 4 cup pot, and 55g for a large or 8 cup Cafetiere. How much you use is really down to your own preference. If you prefer a stronger brew, use more coffee. Likewise, if you prefer a cup that is not a strong, use less coffee.


Step 5

Wet the grounds until they are just covered with water. Wait one minute, then slowly fill up the pot.


Step 6

Stir and place the plunger on to the cafetière pot, but do not plunge.


Step 7

Wait another minute and then plunge – if you find that there is too much resistance, wait a little longer before plunging.


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Espresso produces a rich and concentrated shot with a thick, luxurious body. Flavours are amplified and leave a strong, lingering aftertaste.

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Pour Over

Pour over is an incredibly versatile brew method, producing a clean and clear cup and giving great results for all different types and roasts of coffee.

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AeroPress makes deliciously smooth coffee whether you are brewing at home, on the move or in the office. We recommend using the inverted method so that you can control the brewing time more accurately.

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