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14g - 20g, dependent on taste.


250ml per cup




Filter or medium-fine

Step 1

To start, heat your water. If you don’t have a temperature control kettle, bring your kettle to the boil and wait for one minute until it has cooled to 95°C.


Step 2

While your water is heating, add your filter paper.


Step 3

Pour a little hot water over the filter paper to dampen it and to warm the pot. This will remove any paper taste. Make sure to discard this water before continuing.


Step 4

Next, prepare the coffee. We always recommend grind your beans just before brewing - the fresher the grind, the better the taste. For filter, use a medium-fine or filter grind. This allows the water to pass through the coffee more easily when brewing.


Step 5

Weigh your coffee, we recommend between 16 – 20g of coffee per 250ml of water. How much you use is really down to your own preference. If you prefer a stronger brew, use more.


Step 6

Add the coffee to the filter paper, ensuring the grounds are as level as possible.


Step 7

Gently wet the grounds until they are just covered with water. This allows the grounds to swell and evenly absorb the water. We call this process ‘blooming’, where the coffee degasses, releasing any built up carbon dioxide.


Step 8

Wait for 30 seconds, then pour on more water in a circular motion. We recommend that you pour in three stages, pausing between each to let the water filter through. It should take around 2 minutes for the water to filter through the grounds. If this process is too long, the coffee can become over extracted.


Step 9

Serve and enjoy!

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Espresso produces a rich and concentrated shot with a thick, luxurious body. Flavours are amplified and leave a strong, lingering aftertaste.

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Pour Over

Pour over is an incredibly versatile brew method, producing a clean and clear cup and giving great results for all different types and roasts of coffee.

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AeroPress makes deliciously smooth coffee whether you are brewing at home, on the move or in the office. We recommend using the inverted method so that you can control the brewing time more accurately.

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