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Costa Rica San Jose Coffee - Mr Higgins Recommends
Costa Rica has for decades been renowned for producing some of the world’s finest coffees. They are famous and sought after by coffee lovers all over the world for their intensity of flavour and aroma. In the early 1950’s when I joined H R Higgins (Coffee-Man) Ltd., Costa Rica was referred to in the coffee trade as the little Switzerland of Central America because of its terrain.
On a visit to our suppliers earlier this year my son David experienced first hand seeing the healthy coffee trees in the breathtaking beautiful mountains. Costa Rica San Jose coffee is rich in flavour with a nutty like background and natural subtle fruity sweetness. Perfect for drinking with Spring and Summer Time foods.

Costa Rica coffee facts

Costa Rican Coffee is considered to be some of the best in the world. The Costa Rica San Jose is a truly unique coffee with delicate fruity notes of lychee and pear and a sweet, honey finish, prepared using the Honey Process.

Only the finest coffee beans are exported thanks to The Speciality Association of Costa Rica who control all coffee distribution in Costa Rica.

Farmers from The Coopedota Cooperative Hermosa grow the coffee and they are renowned for producing award-winning coffee.
They were also recognised as the first carbon neutral coffee producer in the world. Costa Rica San Jose coffee is best enjoyed black to unlock the full flavour profile. We recommend brewing this coffee for filter or pour over.

With my very best wishes for May


Tony Higgins

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