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Creole Blend - Mr Higgins Recommends
Tasting June’s coffee will be a different experience for you. Creole Blend is much more powerful than the five varieties you have sampled so far.

Creole is a blend of Brazil and Colombia coffees which was originally formulated by my father in order to create a very rich, powerful and full-bodied coffee with very little acidity. The key is in not just the blending but in the roasting. He researched a way of producing a very dark roast to bring out the powerful body of these coffees, without the resulting flavour being in any way bitter or sooty because of being over-roasted.
Creole Blend is possibly our most sought after and popular coffees. A great black coffee to have and the close of a rich meal. Try it black, but it will take cream or milk as an alternative.

I hope you enjoy the power and smoothness of our Creole Blend.


Tony Higgins

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