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Peru Inambari - Mr Higgins Recommends

When recently entertaining a group of friends and asking them what came into their minds regarding Peru, the replies were, Ancient Civilisation, Machu Picchu, exotic foliage and scenery, and Paddington Bear.  None of them thought of Coffee.

This month I am recommending to you our special Peru Inambari. This is a dark roast and if your preference in the past has been for our lighter roasts, please do not be put off by the thought of a dark roast. We sensitively roast the beans using a skill that has been handed down from my father to achieve and develop the wonderful rich, complex, and very smooth luscious flavour of Peru Inambari.

Coffee growing was introduced to Peru in the mid 1700s but most of the production was consumed locally. 

Exports did not begin until the late 1800s when coffee buyers from Europe, facing extreme shortages of supply from their traditional sources because coffee trees were being ravaged by disease, turned to suppliers like Peru who had been virtually ignored.

Peru Inambari is grown by the Agraria Frontera San Ignacio Cooperative; it is Organic Fairtrade coffee supplied through a 121 project with the farmer.

I have been enjoying it with friends as an accompaniment to a summer foods menu. I find it very versatile, an all-day drinking coffee to be enjoyed black or with milk or cream. I hope you enjoy it. 

With my very best wishes,

Tony Higgins

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