You will need...

40ml or 2 measures of Dark Rum

20ml or 1 measure of Orange Liqueur,

20ml or 1 measure of Simple Syrup,

2 teaspoons of Smooth Cut Marmalade

250ml Ceylon Orange Pekoe, brewed and hot.


Make your tea. As a general rule, we recommend infusing one teaspoon of tea per cup, plus and extra one for the pot. 250ml would equal about one cup.

Use water just off the boil and infuse the tea for three minutes.

Set your tea brewing.

Add your Rum, Orange Liqueur, Simple Syrup and Marmalade to a cocktail shaker and dry shake as the tea is brewing.

After the tea has infused for 3 minutes, remove the leaves or strain.

Add the other ingredients to the tea and stir. Pour and garnish with a slice of orange.

Serve and enjoy!

Tea Toddy
Tea Toddy
Tea Toddy
Tea Toddy


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