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Alessi 9090 Moka Pot

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Brew your coffee in style with this beautifully designed Alessi Moka Pot. 

The Alessi 9090 Moka Pot is designed by Richard Sapper and is a firm favourite of ours. 

Not only is this moka pot fantastic to use, but it will also look stylish and sleek in your kitchen. 

The stainless steel maker will work on most stove tops (Please contact us for more details). 

Instead of twisting the pot to take it apart, a clever handle mechanism creates a perfectly tight seal. The rubber filter gaskets are incredibly hard wearing and last for years.

The moka pot, or stove top espresso is a traditional Italian method for brewing coffee. Expect a strong cup with a full body and a more intense flavour than other methods. 

Brewing tips:

Don’t use a very high heat and remove the Alessi Moka Pot from the stove just before the water finishes reaching the top. This prevents a scalded coffee taste. Use the moka pot with one of our medium-fine ground coffees, such as a filter grind.





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