1942 Blend

A sumptuously rich blend of the finest Arabica beans from Central and South America.

From: £10.50 per 250g


Coffee Caddy



Product Description

David Higgins created the 1942 Arabica coffee blend to satisfy those customers who enjoy a classic espresso coffee. Using only Arabica beans he ensures a smooth, rich shot that holds no bitterness.

In 1942 Harold Rees Higgins founded H.R. Higgins. 1942 blend pays tribute to his immense passion for roasting exceptional coffees.

We blend both medium and dark roasted Arabica coffee beans from some magnificent small-batch farms in Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica to create 1942. As a result it is an exceptionally rich roast with notes of sweet caramel and is powerfully fruity.

Best made as an espresso, use 18g of espresso ground coffee and extract for 23 seconds. It cuts beautifully through milk and makes a delicious base for lattes or cappuccinos.


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