Continental Blend

Our Continental Blend coffee is a powerful blend, roasted very dark for a punchy, flavoursome cup.

From: £8.25 per 250g


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Product Description

Created to satisfy the demand for powerful coffee, our Continental Blend is a rich and sumptuous cup.

Following the First World War, people began travelling to continental Europe. As a result they discovered French and Italian style coffees, a stark contrast to the British Coffee drinking tradition. Consequently, a demand for darker, stronger roasts grew and so our Continental Blend was born.

We blend the finest coffees from Colombia and India. Then we roast the beans very dark for an impactful and punchy flavour.

We recommend this coffee for cafetiere. Use 1 dessertspoon per 8oz cup. We find this coffee is best enjoyed black. However, simply add milk or cream to achieve a milder flavour.

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