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Which is the best V60 Filter Cone?

Filter coffee is my favourite way to brew. It produces a pure, clean cup without bitterness, unlocking the full potential and flavours of your chosen coffee.

When it comes to your equipment, there are many types of filter cone to choose from. They differ in shape, size and material. All of these factors can have an effect on how you brew your coffee.

My Favourite Filter Cone

The Hario V60 Filter Cone is by far the best of all the cones that I have tried. The design is simple and practical and will help you make a well extracted rich and flavoursome coffee.

It has a distinctive shape with one large hole at the bottom. When used with the specially designed conical v60 filters, your extraction will be centred to the point of the cone as you pour.

The signature ridged designed of the Hario V60 Filter Cone will provide you with the absolute best brew from your coffee. Water will always find the fastest route through any medium so the curved ridges around the cone aid the extraction as you pour the water in a circular motion over the coffee grounds.

Which material is best for a V60 filter cone?

The Hario V60 is available in a variety of materials, including plastic, glass and metal. Each of these materials have unique qualities that can improve your brew. For me personally, I always prefer a metal cone.

What are the benefits of a metal filter cone for coffee?

The biggest advantage with a metal filter cone is heat conductivity and retention.

Particularly with the copper V60, metal filter cones offer heat equilibrium meaning that the heat is transferred evenly and so the water is at a more stable temperature as extraction occurs.

Metal filter cones are lightweight and durable, making them easy to use and easy to clean.

If you drop a ceramic or glass filter cone on your kitchen tiles, it might well break. A metal filter cone however will survive many such mishaps.

Which metal V60 filter cone should I choose?

My personal favourite coffee dripper is the Hario V60 Copper Filter Cone.

The high thermal conductivity of the copper with the nickel plated interior means that heat is  evenly transferred through the coffee grounds, giving the best possible extraction.

Copper is also anti-bacterial so therefore easier to clean with a simple rinse under a hot tap.

As well as being technically great, the Hario V60 copper cone is also a stunning piece of kit. Although when it comes to brewing your coffee there is a bit more than just aesthetics involved, the process is sensory in every sense. We hear the water filtering through the grounds, the aromas awaken our sense of smell and if you add a lovely copper cone you have an enhanced optical experience as well.

For me, the copper V60 filter cone also conjures memories of my grandfather, Harold Higgins. On opening our first shop, he decided to store the beans in copper containers. He enjoyed how striking the copper looked in the shop. When you visit Duke Street now, you will find that we are still using the same caddies. Copper has now become synonymous with H. R. Higgins with us even using the Hario Copper V60 Cones in our shop and coffee lounge.

As I write this, I realise it is high time I made myself a nice cup of coffee!

David Higgins

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Which is the best V60 Filter Cone?

Filter coffee is my favourite way to brew. It produces a pure, clean cup without bitterness, unlocking the full potential and flavours of your chosen coffee.

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