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How To Make Great Coffee At Home - V60

Why I love pour over coffee

We would never argue with someone as to their preferred method of brewing coffee. It is a personal preference: it would be like telling them what to wear. All I can say is that I love a pour-over.

There are many reasons for this. It’s the way my father always made coffee, so my very first cup was made this way. At first, I took it for granted as just the way to make coffee, convenient and simple. I’ve had coffee made in all sorts of ways since then, but for a purist like me, I want to taste every subtlety, and I believe that the pour-over shows all the facets of flavour in perfect balance.


What you'll need:

Filter Cone

Filter Paper

Ground Coffee



Cup or Mug

Spoon or Stirrer



First, we start with the coffee. As we mentioned, this method is brilliantly versatile and works for different types and roasts of coffee. For a pour over, we recommend grinding for filter, or medium-fine. This allows the water to pass through the coffee more easily when brewing.

For the best results, we always recommend grinding coffee just before you brew it. The fresh the grind, the better the taste.

How much you use is really down to your own preference. For guidance, we suggest between 14g - 20g of ground coffee for 250ml of water, depending on your personal taste. If you prefer a stronger brew, use more coffee more. Likewise, if you prefer a cup that is not a strong, use less coffee.



The next important this is water temperature. The water should be heated to 95 degrees centigrade. If you don't have a kettle with temperature control, boil your kettle as normal to 100 degrees and then leave the water to stand for a few minutes and it will cool to the optimum temperature.

We use water at 95 degrees rather than boiling to avoid scorching or burning the coffee as we brew.

In terms of measurements, we use 250ml for a standard cup.


V60 Method

Start by lining your filter cone with a filter paper and place on top of your jug or cup.

Once the kettle has boiled, take your hot water and wet the filter paper. We do this to remove any papery flavours from the filter paper. It also allows us to heat up our jug or cup. Once the water has run through the filter, empty it from your cup or jug and then put the cone back over the cup.

Next weigh your coffee. We use a digital scale for this for precision. Add your coffee to the cone and make sure that the grounds are level in the cone.

Lightly wet the coffee grounds so that they swell and open up or "bloom", degassing the coffee releasing any built up carbon dioxide. Wait 30 seconds and then being pouring the water over the coffee ground.

Whenever making V60, it is important to pour the water in a pulsing motion. We create this by rotating the jug and pouring in a circular motion, finishing the pour in the middle of the cone.

Pulse pouring  is the best way to reduce acidity in the coffee. It gives the brew a fuller body and better balance of flavour.

It should take around 2 minutes for the water to filter through the grounds. If this process is too long, the coffee can become over extracted.

And that's it, ready to serve and enjoy!

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Which is the best V60 Filter Cone?

Filter coffee is my favourite way to brew. It produces a pure, clean cup without bitterness, unlocking the full potential and flavours of your chosen coffee.

How To's & Guides

Is it worth investing in a grinder?

I am often asked "what can I do to improve my cup of coffee?". The best thing you can ever do is invest in a grinder to grind your own beans.

How To's & Guides

How To Make Great Coffee At Home - V60

At H. R. Higgins, our love of filter pour over is no secret. Brewing this way gives a clean aftertaste to any roast, allowing the drinker to enjoy a perfectly rounded brew. It is our preferred brew method and is incredibly versatile, giving great results for all different types and roasts of coffee.

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