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Kenya Estate - Mr Higgins Recommends

Because of its deliciously lively acidity and fruity character, I always think of this month’s coffee, which is Kenya Estate, as the being the dry white wine of the coffee world.

The flavour of Kenya Estate is in complete contrast to the rich powerful and chocolaty undertones of the Creole Blend that I recommended last month.  It is more delicate and subtle. I love the fine acidity which dances on my palate. Intense fruity characteristics leave the palate with the most pleasing aftertastes.

Kenya Estate coffees are keenly sought by coffee experts all round the world for their intense flavours and quality. This is a great coffee with which to finish a dinner, especially after enjoying a rich pudding. 

I recommend that you try it simply as a black coffee, but it will take cream or hot or cold milk.

It will prepare well in all types of coffee makers, though arguably at its best prepared in a pour over filters.

Kenya Estate is one of the world’s great coffees. But then, that is one of the wonderful things about coffee, there are so many flavours to discover and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy our Kenya Estate this month.


Tony Higgins

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