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Jamaica Blue Mountain - Mr Higgins Recommends

For August I am sending to you one of the world’s most famous and rarest coffees.   Its rarity derives from the fact that in world coffee production terms the amount of exportable coffee is very small.  Only a fraction of the coffee produced on the island of Jamaica can hold the classification Jamaica Blue Mountain.  The world-wide demand from coffee lovers is immense and is reflected in the very high prices this coffee achieves.

Blue Mountain is also the name of a botanical variety of coffee, so it is found growing in other places, Kenya for example. But there is only one Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, and understandably the Jamaican coffee authorities are very protective of their very fine coffee.

In years gone by if one asked anybody to think of a name of a coffee, the reply would invariably come “Oh of course Jamaica Blue Mountain”.   Perhaps because James Bond drank this coffee, along with that other drink he was famous for.

It has an aroma that reminds me of freshly baked rolls. It has a delicacy which enlarges into a surprising fullness in the mouth. But I sound a note of caution for those who enjoy very strong coffee, give your palate time to adjust to appreciate its delicacy and subtlety.


Tony Higgins

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