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Creole Blend Coffee - Mr Higgins Recommends

I remember my father creating our Creole Blend in the early 1950’s as more coffees of quality became available from South and Central America.

Evan before package holidays had started, and with strict exchange controls limiting the amount of Sterling you could take out of the country to around £30; people began to travel abroad into Europe and experience the coffee flavours of France, Italy and Spain.  Returning to the UK with a desire to continue to enjoy these coffee experiences which were so different to the coffees at home.

In the 1930’s my father had been fascinated by the coffee roasting technique which was essential to produce these very different flavours. Selecting only the finest quality coffees, those which would best respond to the very different technique of roasting them.  His skills have been passed down through the generations and are still applied by us today.

Our Creole Blend has achieved the accolade of becoming our single most popular variety. The flavour combines a very powerful intensity, rich chocolaty undertones and hints of blackberry at the finish.

Because of the way we approach the production of this blend the subtle flavours are not masked by the intensity and overall power.

I suggest for the best results preparation by pour over filter or cafetière plunger pots, though it will work well in a stove top espresso. It is a bit more of a challenge for bean-to-cup espresso machines because the natural oils of the beans are on the surface.

It makes a perfect after-dinner coffee, especially after a rich meal, but it is also very versatile, it can be enjoyed at breakfast time with hot milk or at a mid-morning break, especially when a coffee to fortify us for the rest of the day is required.

I do hope you enjoy our Creole Blend.

My very best wishes

Tony Higgins   

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