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Creole Blend - Mr Higgins Recommends

Originally blended by my father in the 1950s, our Creole Blend has been a frequent feature of our daily roasting schedule from the very early years of our business.

In the years after the war, many of our customers were looking for darker roasted coffees. They were inspired by a more European style of coffee that they had been exposed to and wanted dark coffee with a strong and powerful flavour.

At this time, dark roasted coffee in the UK wasn't widely available. In some instances the coffee would be burnt, ruining the taste.

My father was always motivated by the needs of his customers as well as by his passion for quality coffee. He created this blend to meet demand for a very strong yet smooth coffee.

Creole Blend is a mixture of South American beans from Colombia and Brazil. My father specially selected these coffees for their low acidity which lends them to being roasted darker better than other coffees.

This combination creates a powerful dark roast with no acidity while also avoiding any acrid taste spoiling the coffee.

This blend has become very popular as an after-dinner coffee following a rich pudding. However, the refreshing blackberry finish makes it perfect for all occasions.

A delightful and exquisite Colombian coffee with gentle acidity, and notes of soft fruit, morello cherry and rich chocolate.

We like to enjoy this coffee prepared as a filter or pour-over. However, it also works very well prepared as a Cafetiere. Serve black or with a splash of cream, depending on your personal preferences.

We hope you enjoy it too.

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