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Dark Roast Coffee - Your Questions Answered

What is dark roast coffee? 

When we describe coffee as Dark Roast, we refer to the colour of the beans after the roasting process.

When coffee beans are roasted, they change colour from green to brown. The higher the internal temperature reached during this process, the darker the beans will become. A darker roast is roasted to reach a higher internal temperature than medium and lighter roasts. The higher the temperature reached the darker the beans will become.

As a result, the beans are a much darker in colour in comparison to light and medium roasts. In addition, they have a coating of natural oils on their surface which differs to lighter roasts.

Is dark coffee stronger?

In short, yes. Darker roasts have a more powerful aftertaste and a heavier body.

What is the difference between medium and dark roast coffee?

When roasting, a medium roast will reach between 205 and 212 C, a dark roast will reach between 215 and 220 C , and a very dark roast up to 238 C.

The darker the coffee is roasted, it will have less acidity and become smoother and contain slightly less caffeine.

In terms of flavour profiles, darker roasts have a more impactful and rich flavour often with notes of chocolate, rich fruits and caramel.


Is Dark roast coffee less acidic?

As a general rule, darker coffees are less acidic than lighter roasted coffees. Although it is worth noting that some medium roast have low acidity, depending on the type of bean.

How to make Dark roast coffee taste better?

A lot of of coffee tastes can be dependent on how you brew the coffee. We find that dark roasts work best with a Moka pot or espresso machine but you can make very good filter/pour over coffee with a dark coffee too. Whichever way you choose to make your coffee, it will taste at its best if the beans are ground just before brewing as fresh coffee is always the best coffee.

How to drink dark roast coffee?

Most people will make up their own minds as to how to drink coffee. Dark roast is usually for those who like a strong, smooth coffee with a chocolate aftertaste.

If you like to drink coffee black, we recommend dark roasts made in a filter or pour over. If you prefer milk with your coffee, dark roasts make a great an espresso and milk doesn’t smother the dark roast coffees in the same way it does with medium roasts, so you lose less of the flavour of the coffee.

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Which is the best V60 Filter Cone?

Filter coffee is my favourite way to brew. It produces a pure, clean cup without bitterness, unlocking the full potential and flavours of your chosen coffee.

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Is it worth investing in a grinder?

I am often asked "what can I do to improve my cup of coffee?". The best thing you can ever do is invest in a grinder to grind your own beans.

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How To Make Great Coffee At Home - V60

At H. R. Higgins, our love of filter pour over is no secret. Brewing this way gives a clean aftertaste to any roast, allowing the drinker to enjoy a perfectly rounded brew. It is our preferred brew method and is incredibly versatile, giving great results for all different types and roasts of coffee.

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