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Honduras Finca Gaby - Mr Higgins Recommends

May I begin my recommendation for January 2023 by wishing you a very happy and healthy 2023.

With so much disfunction going on in the world around us I thought we should start the year with a coffee that brings with it, a positive success story of itself.

From Honduras in Central America which has a coastline to the north of the Caribbean Sea and to the South of the Pacific Ocean, comes the coffee, Organic Honduras Finca Gaby 121 Project.

There in the Ocotepeque region, Norma Mileybi Lara grows her coffee, which has become some of the finest, for quality and flavour produced in Central America.

Norma began with a lot of determination on a small piece of land given to her by her father and with dedication and the help of the 121 Project, which joins farmers, merchants, and roasters together, she has achieved considerable success.

Enjoy the light lively flavour, which we bring out by our sensitive roasting of this fine coffee.  Look for the subtle acidity which is there, but does not dominate in a negative way, the acidity complements the fruity notes that make me stop everything in order to enjoy another cup of this lovely coffee. It will prepare well in all coffee makers and can be enjoyed with most foods or just on its own.

With my very best wishes

Tony Higgins

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