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Honduras Finca Gaby 121 Project - Mr Higgins Recommends

This special coffee is grown by Norma Mileybi Lara. H. R. Higgins have a direct relationship with Norma through the D. R. Wakefield and the '121 Project’, which encourages partnerships between the coffee farmers, merchants and roasters.

Norma Mileybi Lara began growing her coffee on a small piece of land given to her by her father. With just 1.4 hectares and a lot of training with a local co-operative, she put her heart and soul into producing Honduras Finca Gaby.

This delightful coffee is shade grown on good volcanic soil 1450 metres about sea level. Only the ripe coffee cherries are picked by hand and sent to the local co-operative for processing. A wet processed coffee, all the pulp is used for organic fertilizer and the mucilage used to combat the Roya leaf rust disease which has had a devasting effect on so much coffee production.

We roast Honduras Finca Gaby light to medium. This brings out the rich fruity peach flavour and gentle sweet acidity.

In terms of brewing, we love this coffee as a filter or pour over. Use 16g of ground coffee per 250ml water.

I recommend this coffee to all coffee drinkers, but especially to lovers of Tanzania Kibo Chagga, Kenya Estate, Costa Rica San Jose, and Colombia Supreme. For me, it has just that touch of delicate acidity which fires my taste buds and leaves me wanting another cup.

With best wishes

Tony Higgins

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