To celebrate Brazil International Coffee Week, we have devised our own version of a classic Brazilian Coffee Cocktail.

Creamy, sweet with a twist of coconut, this cocktail is deliciously moreish. The flavour is somewhere between coffee ice cream and a Black Russian, indulgent and smooth.

A fabulous alternative to Baileys over ice during the festive season with the added bonus of a shot of caffeine!


How To Make the Higgins Brazilian Coffee Cocktail

The below will make enough for two cocktails.



60ml of your favourite Brazilian Coffee

90ml or 4 measures of Dark Rum

30ml or 1 measure of Coconut Rum

40ml of Condensed Milk

2 large coffee ice cubes


Making your Coffee

We suggest using an Espresso machine or a Moka Pot to brew your coffee for this cocktail. We used Brazil Daterra Bruzzi.

If you don’t have an espresso machine or moka pot, use a darker roast coffee such as Brazil Santos.  Brew in a cafetiere, making the coffee a little stronger than usual.

After brewing your coffee, leave to cool before adding to your cocktail.


Coffee Ice Cubes

This Brazilian Coffee Cocktail tastes just as delicious with regular ice cubes so the choice is yours!

Coffee Ice Cubes are simple to make. Use a lighter coffee and brew as a filter, pour-over or cafetiere. Pour the coffee into you ice cube tray and then leave to cool before freezing.

We don’t recommend using espresso to make ice cubes as the coffee is too condensed. This might prevent the ice cubes from properly freezing and the taste will be too strong, overpowering the cocktail.

To pair with this cocktail, we used Brazil Bourbon for our ice cubes, but Brazil Santos will work just as well.

Why not make a batch of coffee ice cube? They taste rather delicious with Irish Cream poured over too!



Pour all of the liquid ingredients with some ice into a cocktail shaker, and shake well. 

Prepare you glasses by adding one or two of the coffee ice cubes.

Then pour the cocktail over your coffee ice cubes through the strainer.

Et voila! Ready to enjoy!

Brazil Iced Coffee Cocktail


All three of the above mentioned coffees can be found in our fantastic Brazil Coffee Taster Kit. All you need to do is add the other ingredients and enjoy!