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Affogato is the go-to summer dessert, but what about when it's chilly outside? That's where the winter twist comes in, and we're bringing the heat with some festive ginger vibes. We're keeping it simple, using items you can grab last minute from any supermarket. Perfect for those winter cravings.

You will need...

1 scoop of good quality Vanilla Ice Cream per serving 

1 Ginger biscuit per serving (we're talking about those classic crunchy ginger nuts you find everywhere) 

1 Shot of Espresso (we recommend our Christmas Blend made in our Alessi Moka Pot)

A splash of Brandy (optional) 

And if you want to turn up the heat, throw in some fiery crystallised Ginger (optional) 


1. Crush approximately 2/3 of the ginger biscuit and sprinkle it at the bottom of each serving dish.

2. Plop a good, hearty scoop of vanilla ice cream into each dish. 

3. If you're going for the brandy, give it a little splash on each dish.

4. Quick! Pour that hot espresso over the whole thing.

5. Now, finish it off with the remaining ginger biscuit crumbs and a few pieces of crystallised ginger. But be quick - time is of the essence!


And there you have it - a winner, especially if you do the coffee pour at the table. Adds a bit of drama to the whole dessert equation! Enjoy!


Spicy Ginger Affogato

Affogato is the perfect summer easy dessert but what about in winter? Try this Spicy Ginger Version, perfect for the festive season.


Espresso Chocolate Pots

I love entertaining I have 4 children lots of friends so I like my house to be busy full of people at any opportunity!  The key for me at a supper party is to be prepped I don’t want to be slaving over the stove whilst all my guests are having fun so slow cooked dinners, and having a pre-prepped dessert is super easy these chocolate pots have been in my recipe book for over 20 years from Jamie Oliver’s second cook book! 

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