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Guilty Pleasures

Tony Higgins  

Taking a portion of rich cream (whipping cream will do) and whipping it to a substantial consistency, then carefully floating it on top at the centre of my cup of hot black coffee which I have prepared slightly stronger than usual.  Visually it excites me even before I have taken a sip because the portion of rich whipped cream is turned to a lovely brown at the edges. I find the effect rich and indulgent especially when accompanied by a piece of dark chocolate cake. Guilty? Well, my waistband may make me feel that, but after all Christmas only comes once a year, doesn’t it? And it can’t be the fault of the coffee. 

David Higgins  

My guilty pleasure is my favourite cafe where I live in Germany. The coffee isn’t all that special, but it is run by and frequented by a community of local characters, everyone sits and chats to one another, or reads the newspapers. During lockdown when they could only sell takeaway coffees all the regulars decided to pay double every time because no-one wanted to see it close down. I often find the cafes with the best coffees aren’t places I want to sit in. 

Nick Hartley – Managing Director 

My guilty pleasure , is brewing up on a river bank in the far north of Scotland, very early when no one else is awake, lighting the stove and hand grinding my beans to fill my old Moka pot, getting the water out of the river or a burn, let it bubble through and pour. 

Accompanied with a nip of an 18year old Spring bank from my hip flask. Now that’s living. 

Ann Louise – Creative Director 

My guilty pleasure is chocolate for breakfast with my morning coffee. At Christmas a dark roast filter coffee with a splash of cream hits the spot brings back memories of childhood. 

David Atkinson - Roaster

My guilty pleasure has become something of a Sunday morning ritual, I brew a chemex of my favourite coffee, Galapagos San Cristobal, without milk, before getting out the custard creams and giving them a right good dunk. Four times is the sweet spot - no more, no less.  

Lucy – Customer Service 

When asked to write about my guilty pleasure I must confess I had to think long and hard.  
I couldn’t get out of the door in the morning without Higgins breakfast blend tea. The perfect wake up call to accompany any savoury threat.  
Perhaps my mid-morning Swiss water decaf coffee. Hugely tasty and full of flavour. Perfect to warm me through on a cold winter’s day. Especially with a cheeky biscuit.  
A lunch time wake up creole coffee. Strong, rich and smooth. The perfect pick me up, Or perhaps my bedtime camomile tea. Enjoyed by all the family and the perfect wind down after a busy day.  
The reality is I couldn’t pick a stage in the day that I love the most however when friends come, and I ask them “would you like a cuppa” there is no greater feeling than sharing something you in enjoy so much. Like a good book or a fabulous memory.

Higgins coffee and tea truly make the cut and so my guilty pleasure would be sharing each and every one.  

Sarah – Customer Service 

My guilty pleasure is on a cold crisp morning, having a wonderful warm refreshing peppermint tea, I feel like the minty notes and flavours of the tea , clears my mind and this sets me up for the day ahead. 

Sophie - Accounts  

I like to add cream into my Chai Latte, naughty but luxurious.

Emily – Accounts 

My guilty pleasure is adding a baileys into my coffee at Christmas Time.

Katie  Marketing

I like to add a dash of Amaretto into my coffee as an after dinner treat, I came across this at a Christmas market and found it pairs perfectly with H R Higgins Creole Blend. Giving an Italian spin on the traditional Irish Coffee.


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