Get Dinner Party Ready

Showstopping Accessories 

For those that like a coffee the copper V60 set adds style and drama to the dinner table. 

The Hario V60 Copper Filter Cone will provide you with the absolute best extraction from your coffee without bitterness. It is our favourite way to brew, unlocking the full potential and flavours of your chosen coffee for you to enjoy.

For precision pouring the Hario V60 Copper Coffee Kettle is a design masterpiece. Made in Japan it combines tremendous quality, style and precision in one.

Finish off with the elegant and charming Brass Nkuku Coffee Spoons and serve the ultimate after dinner blend, Creole.  

With notes of dark chocolate and rich cacao Creole pairs perfectly with 'the world's best dark truffle'. They are Iain Burnetts, signature unenrobed Dark Velvet Truffles of pure ganache. Their exquisite velvet texture, deep, dark flavour profile and unique presentation without a shell, has graced the tables of highly acclaimed chefs and royalty. 

Get the party started  

There is nothing like an Espresso Martini to cleanse the palette and get the party going. The delicious balance of coffee and vodka will awaken the taste buds before dinner and get guests talking, dancing and laugh for hours. The espresso can be easily prepared in the day or the night before or even days in advance and frozen.

We use 1942 Blend or Brazil Daterra Bruzzi through a Moka Pot or if you have an espresso machine, even better. Follow our recipe here. 

The unforgettable treat 

Don't fancy making a pudding? These candied whole clementines have been gently candied over days to seal in the natural juices, before being hand-dipped and decorated with São Tomé dark single origin chocolate, the perfect companion to our Christmas Blend.

This is an unforgettable special treat for those fans of orange and chocolate. A complex ganache with fruity and earthy tones.  

Caffeine Free 

Peppermint tea is the perfect way to end a meal. Refreshing and uplifting it aids digestion and is caffeine free.  

Keep up the style factor with our Hario ChaCha Glass Tea Pot not only do they look beautiful they are incredibly practical  

The Garden Mint Velvet Truffle paired with the peppermint tea is the perfect round off to any supper and cleanse the palate. 

All that’s left is to invite your guests and sit back and relax. These drinks and treats are sure to impress your guests and will give you more time to spend enjoying the evening, too. 


Our philosophy on choosing our coffee range

My grandfather had a vision. Back in the 1930s when he was working as a manager at the Kenya Coffee Company coffee was not seen as a speciality at all. He wanted to start his own business and in his diary he wrote:


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