Caffe Roma Blend

Caffe Roma blend is strong and rich Italian style coffee with a gentle sweetness.

From: £9.25 per 250g

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Product Description

Another HR Higgins signature blend. We created our Caffe Roma Blend especially for home espresso machines.

We blend beans from India, Tanzania and Brazil and roast them very dark. This results in a classic Italian style coffee. The flavour is rich and powerful flavour with a fine sweet finish.

This makes for a strong and intense cup that is perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Because our Caffe Roma Blend is designed specifically for espresso, we recommend using a traditional espresso machine. We find that 17.5g coffee extracted for 25-28 seconds gives the best results. This will produce a 25g shot of espresso.

This coffee can be enjoyed equally with milk or black.

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